Fire Ant Control

Fire Ant Control in SC, NC, AL and GA

fire antThe crew of the Titanic saw just the tip of the iceberg. So it is with red imported fire ants in SC, NC, AL and GA. On the surface you see much less than one-third of the fire ant nest, but thousands of swarming ants are inside ready to attack the instant you break their nest open. They are very dangerous to children, pets and unsuspecting adults, and their painful stings can cause severe allergic reactions and even death.

Gregory Pest Solutions is serious about the threat the fire ants in SC, NC, AL and GA present to your family and home. We will design a unique solution for your home, which will effectively eliminate the fire ant population and prevent them from becoming re-established. Once Gregory Pest Solutions has arrived on the scene, fire ants will stop camping out in your backyard.

Our fire ant exterminators help customer exterminate bed bugs, termites, ants, rodents, roaches, spiders, bees, fleas, hornets, wasps, mice, mosquitoes, bats, scorpions, and many other pests.  We also offer animal control, crawlspace and aquatic services to our customers.  Speak to a fire ant exterminator in Augusta, Marietta, Greenville, Anderson, Columbia, North Charleston, or Charlotte about extermination and treatment.

Call Gregory Pest Services for help with South Carolina, North Carolina, Alabama and Georgia fire ants at 1-800-922-2596 or use our email form and contact us today.

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