Aquatic Services

Aquatic Services in SC, NC, GA and AL


When retention or decorative ponds go bad, they can be a nightmare. Poor water quality, offensive odors, plant growth, mosquitoes and even pesky animals can ruin the whole effect.

Our Pond Pros can eliminate your pond challenges with a monthly maintenance plan custom-designed for your needs. Contact us today to schedule your free analysis, and enjoy:

  • Algae and aquatic weed control
  • Chemical and biological treatments
  • Fish stocking
  • Aeration systems
  • Fountain maintenance

Speak to our pest control company about aquatic services in SC, NC, GA and AL.  We help customer exterminate bed bugs, termites, ants, rodents, roaches, spiders, bees, fleas, hornets, wasps, mice, mosquitoes, bats, scorpions, and many other pests.  We also offer bird control services and crawlspace services to our customers.

Call Gregory Pest Services for help with aquatic services at 1-800-922-2596 or use our email form and contact us today.

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