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A female bed bug can lay 500 eggs in her short lifetime, effectively turning a small problem into a very big, itchy problem. Not just confined to mattresses, bed bugs live in sofas, comfy chairs, dressers and night stands, under the carpet, and around your baseboards. SC, NC, and GA bed bugs can infest clothing, luggage and even the picture frames in your home. You can bring them home with you from a trip, an overnight stay at a five-star hotel, and from your office or classroom.

We are experts at bed bug control in South Carolina, Georgia, and North Carolina. We have the latest technology available, including our Thermal Remediation® Heat Treatment Service as well as the latest direct treatment methods and materials. Don't expect these pests to simply go away; bed bugs are fast becoming the number one economic pest in North America. Gregory has an effective and affordable bed bug treatment and can help you understand how to get rid of bed bugs.

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Don't let the bed bugs bite - sniff them out!

Our SC, NC, and GA bed bug exterminators is also pleased to offer you our bed bug sniffing dogs, available when needed. While our experts are skilled at identifying bed bugs in your home, the dog'€™s keen sense of smell takes that accuracy up to 90%.

No matter your environment, we understand how to wipe out your bedbug problem. Choose your setting for more information.


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